A positive outcome for selling your High Park home goes hand-in-hand with creating a remarkable first impression of your home from the moment that your potential buyers walk through the door. The key is to making sure that the home you are selling feels like a home and not merely a house – there is a big difference. Your potential buyers want to envision a life for themselves when they step into your home, so it is important to paint a picture of “what could be” so that they can truly see themselves living in your High Park home.


When working with our clients to sell their homes, we are actively onsite to offer our insight on layout and design, as well as bring in our exclusive interior design and architect team. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, here are some tips we have for you when you begin to consider the interior design of your home before selling.

Inspect Your Home From A Buyer’s Point Of View

First, take a step back and look at your home from an objective point of view. Try to envision your home in the eyes of the buyer and imagine what you would want to see if you were in their shoes. This will help to kick off the initial planning of what improvements, renovations, and repairs need to take place. For example, we recommend repainting your home to a neutral color, if it is not already. In show business, when going in for an audition, the person auditioning is usually required to wear black or any neutral color so that the directors and casting crew can properly imagine them in any given role. Well, it is the same when selling a house. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine any possibilities for this home, rather than limiting the options for their preferred themes and décor.

De-Clutter and De-Personalize

You should be sure that your home is completely decluttered before showing your house, so that you make the space appear to be as open and airy as possible. Giving your home a spacious feel will create a clean and bright atmosphere that will make an incredible difference, particularly if your space is on the small side. Try using simple and minimal, yet, effective, furnishings so that, although you are creating a homey environment, you are also making it as spacious as possible.


The next step, and perhaps the most difficult for home owners, is to de-personalize your home. This ties in with the idea that you want your buyers to feel as though they are in a place that they can call their home, rather than feeling like a visitor in your home. It is all about creating a neutral space that feels homey but offers unlimited possibilities for potential buyers. For the finishing touch, it is the small accents and details that are the cherry on top. Place some candles on the counters and end tables to create a warm and homey feel. Perhaps get some flowers for the kitchen table centerpiece or some magazines and books to decorate the coffee table with. Although these are small details, they are incredibly effective in your home’s interior design strategy.


With this advice and basic knowledge of interior design, you will have no problem creating a vision for your potential buyers when selling your High Park home.

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