Sell My High Park Home

Selling your home can take some time, even in a ‘hot market.’ So how do we do what we do? Simply put: we make the bold promise that your home can be listed on Wednesday and sold on Monday. Here is how we do it:

The Quick Sell:
List on Wednesday, Sell on Monday

– Selective Marketing
– Agent exclusive open house with refreshments
– Public open house, also with refreshments, and hand delivered invitations
– A thorough review of market conditions at the time of the sale – including a review of recent market activity and houses sold
– An appropriately priced home to attract interested buyers

Attracting interested buyers is the crux of every home sold. If a home is out of a potential buyers price range, not photographed or staged properly, it will never appear on their radar. Through staging, photographing, social networking, web advertising, and open houses we entice potential buyers like the Autobahn attracts a Ferrari. Selling your home is like meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. You want to make a good first impression, one that will set the bar high for who you are. When preparing your home for selling it’s important to keep in mind what the house symbolizes. A clean, organized, and beautiful front exterior attracts potential buyers driving by. The first impression will make or break their will to see more.

Tips: Selling your home

It all comes down to one thing: preparation. We are talking the whole 9-yards:

– Multiple home visits
– Moving and storage assistance
– Intelligent floor plans
– Expert pre-listing home
– Renovations consultations to the home
– Repair services to fix those trivial small home repairs
– Exclusive cleaning company
– Environmentally-conscious architects
– Only the best renovation teams and contractors
– Interior designer and stager consultations
– Supervision and project management
– Professional photography of the listed space

Without preparation there is no appreciation. There is more to every house than meets the eye. Together we showcase exactly what that is to guarantee when listed on Wednesday it will be sold on Monday.


Staging Your Home

Housing sales greatly depend on how well your home is prepared. Treat your home like a gallery. Without your touch a home is just a house. And really, a house is just 4 walls, a roof, and a couple more walls. Our team works with you – everything from painting, to necessary repairs, to renovation – to show buyers why your home is more than some walls and a roof. It’s your creation, and that is worth something.

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