Deciding you are going to hire a professional agent to sell your home in Toronto is probably a huge weight of your shoulders; however, it can also be daunting if you do not know how to hire. With the many realtors that this city boasts, it is important that you conduct interviews to select the best agent for you, by knowing the right questions to ask before you begin. That is why we have compiled four simple tips for hiring an agent so that you know you are hiring only the best to entrust in selling your Toronto home.



The first quality that you should be looking for in a potential realtor is their level of experience. Inquire about their professional qualifications and, more specifically, ask if they specialize with home selling in Toronto? With the Pavlov Real Estate Team, we pride ourselves in having expert knowledge of the Toronto area. With this knowledge, we deliver strategic advice to our clients that help them achieve their home selling goals. During your interview process, be confident that you are selecting the agent who offers a wealth of knowledge of the area that your home is located in.




When we speak with our clients regarding price, we provide honest insight on what they can expect to get for their home. We do not sell for less than what the house is worth, guaranteeing the highest price for you. It is crucial that your agent understands the value trends of your neighborhood and does not simply tell you what you want to hear, but rather, can provide valuable insight based on current market data.


Marketing and Interior Design


The marketing and presentation of your home is what will truly sell to potential buyers. You should be asking your potential agent what strategies he typically implements in his marketing or what his thoughts are on the layout for your home. Does your home need staging? Inquire upfront about photographers and costs. For example, we carefully observe and analyze our client’s Toronto homes and offer our insight in regards to the interior design and the layout and even offer our own exclusive team of interior designers. Make sure that you know what to expect from your realtor before hiring in regards to the marketing and interior design strategies that he plans to implement.



Finally, the most important quality that you should look for in your potential real estate agent is the method of communication. During your interviewing process, ask what their plans are for communication with you as their client and when they will be available to you (weekends, evenings, etc.). This is critical in a successful relationship with your realtor and will ensure a beneficial home selling experience. With the Pavlov Real Estate Team, we are always available and maintain constant contact with our clients, including evenings and weekends. If your primary point of contact is unavailable at a given time, we will make sure that a member of our team is available to you.


By taking these simple tips into account before interviewing your potential agents, you will avoid many complications and establish a healthy and successful relationship with your realtor that will result in the best outcome for selling your Toronto home.

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