Etobicoke Real Estate Neighbourhood Guide

Etobicoke is a large part of the GTA, supporting two populous neighborhoods; The Kingsway and Islington village. Islington village, otherwise known as ‘Toronto’s village of Murals’, homes new developments, boutique style shopping, dining spots and local services; perfect for singles or couples to fit in. The Kingsway neighborhood, located near the Humber River Valley, is very family oriented. It possesses large pedestrian friendly streets, perfect for walks, jogs, or bike rides to enjoy.

Both divisions of Etobicoke come with compelling history, each contributing to the establishment of what is now Toronto. The Kingsway neighborhood started off as former clergy reserve lands until National Trust Company’s – Robert Home Smith acquired the land and made it in to what it is today. Smith was always interested in architecture and made investments in real estate. He planned the growth of the Kingsway neighborhood as it was being leased to farmers during the time. Soon enough, production took off and thus started the building of the Kingsway. Home sales had started, but were abruptly interrupted during 1912 as World War 1 approached. Not to long after, homes were sold and the neighborhood started it’s continuous growth. Development appears to have gone according to plan as Smith wanted the neighborhood to have large family homes.

The history behind Islington however partly revolves around the Montgomery Inn Museum, a historic building previously known as an Inn during Ireland’s potato famine around 1847-1859. The original home was built for Thomas Montgomery and his wife, Margaret. The inn supported irish immigrants as they suffered from typhus and the potato famine. It was of service until the 1950s shortly after Margaret passed away. During that time, urbanization began post the second world war boom.

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With these family friendly neighborhoods comes great schools like Lambton – Kingsway Junior Middle School, Etobicoke Collegiate Middle School, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, and Kingsway College Private School. In closer proximity to Islington Village, is Islington Junior Middle School, Wedgewood Junior School, Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, and Olivet New Church Private School. As most of these schools are for younger children, the nearest secondary schools are Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Etobicoke School of The Arts.

In relation to schools, there are a number of recreational activities in the Kingsway area. Etobicoke Memorial Pool & Health Club supports registered programs that revolve around art, fitness, sports, and swimming.There are also drop in programs for youth and seniors, along with fitness centre memberships. A short distance away from the Memorial Health Club is Central Arena, an indoor ice rink for skating and playing hockey. The rink features drop in and registered programs for the community to partake in. Nearby is the Humber Valley Golf Course, it holds 70 course challenges no matter what age or skill level. The club is open daily from April to Mid-November. Another great spot is the Kingsway Theatre, it is a community movie theatre that has inhabited the area for over 70 years. It’s a short walk away from Royal York Station, making it very accessible. Home Smith Park, and the Brentwood Public Library are other examples of public recreational services. As for Islington, the neighborhood holds Montgomery Inn Museum. The museum holds events for the community and tourists such as the organic farmers market, tea time, and thirty thursdays; an event in which you can enjoy music, and food on the last thursday of every month. Islington Golf Club and Islington Baseball league are available for those in the area looking to play sports. Michael Power Park is also accessible from Islington station. It is a small playground area with a splash pad in the place of the former Michael Power/St Joseph’s High School.

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In walking distance from both neighborhoods is Bloor St West; lush with chain stores, restaurants, medical services, and specialty shops. It supports a small town feel with iron cast street lamps, wide roads, and clustered park benches. There are also a number of drug stores, delis, and small retailers nearby. Both neighborhoods connect on the Bloor-Danforth subway line. The Kingsway area around Old Mill and Royal York Station, with Islington station in close proximity to Islington Village.

Although these areas may differ in a few aspects, they both support families, singles and couples. They share accessibility to recreational services and different types of schools in the neighborhood. Public transportation is readily available along the Bloor-Danforth Line and a major street like Bloor St West is accessible by vehicle. They share rich history are continuing to develop demographically and culturally.


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