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High Park is the Crown Jewel of Toronto’s park system and the envy of many cities in North America.  It is home to the rare Oak Savannah and 41 rare plant species. It spans 400 acres, with both recreation (baseball, tennis, swimming, and soccer), nature trails, restaurants, concessions, and the largest off-leash dog area in the country!

High Park: The Overview

The park was donated to the city by estate of John Howard more than 100 years ago.  The original homestead of the family still sits on the park (Colborne Lodge) and is open to the public.  The home and its staff offer educational tours and a glimpse into pioneer life.

Today, the park continues to amaze and inspire both residents and visitors. The cherry blossoms offer an explosion of pink during the late spring and are definitely something worth seeing.

The park is anchored by Lake Ontario to the south and Grenadier pond to the west.  There is a small train that provides tours in the park for a nominal fee, although, I strongly wish the train itself was electric and did not run on diesel.

The park defines and enhances the neighbourhoods around it – each of them with distinct identities.  Here are just a few of the neighbourhoods.

I love Roncesvalles for the restaurants and cafes, Parkdale for the Art and Architecture, The Junction for its festivals and farmers market, Bloor West Village for being “a small village in a big city”, and Swansea for creating one of the strongest resident associations in the City.

These areas have strong public and separate schools.  French Immersion programs, and strong secondary schools (Humberside Collegiate Institute, Runnymede Collegiate Institute, and Western Technical Commercial School).

In terms of transportation, there are FOUR subway stations, streetcars, and buses nicely integrated into the area.  The new UNION PEARSON EXPRESS (UP), also makes a stop at the Bloor GO station just behind the Crossways building at Dundas Street West and Bloor Street West.  Of course, cycling and walking are alternative modes of transport that you can also enjoy within High Park.

In recent times, values have exploded, and condo development has moved into the area.  The developments have been limited to the main Boulevards.  While there are several small developers, Daniels and Tridel have added 3 buildings this year.

High Park Swansea and High Park North are ranked #3 and #5 on Toronto Life’s list of Best Places to Live in Toronto for 2015. With innovative cafés such as Smock allowing mothers to sip a glass of wine while their toddlers absorb a creative emporium of toys and farmer’s markets popping up on corners and in the park, High Park has become a community out of a Pixar film – or, at the least, a real live example of the Cheers theme song.

Whether you are buying or selling, Real Estate is always about location (forgive the cliché).  My advice to clients is always the same, buy the best you can afford, and hire talented realtors to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s explore High Park together…

Graduating to Ownership

The first time buyer…

My team and I work with new buyers frequently.  We find the excitement and enthusiasm contagious.  There is something for everyone – irrespective of budget.

Our goal is simple:

 “Buy the best you can afford, and build equity early.”

An essential part of the process is securing a realtor.  Buyers pay no fee for the service (sellers pay your realtor’s fee).  Consequently, you should always hire the most talented realtor you can find.  The question then becomes: is one realtor better than three?  The answer is simple: three people are physically capable of covering more ground, than one realtor.  The speed of the market requires every advantage possible.  Success is often determined at the beginning.  Interview a few realtors, and do not always accept a “blind referral”.

My philosophy in business is basic: make it “RAIN” for the client.  In other words, help them succeed, and take the emotion out of the process.  Offer meaningful advice and opinions, that are based upon fact and experience.

The Nick Pavlov Real Estate Team consists of hand selected realtors who have relationships with Nick and his clients that span over a decade.  Both Rachel and Ryan (team members), compliment Nick’s business style (the client ALWAYS comes first).

The first, and probably most important step for a first time buyer, is to get a pre-approved mortgage.   We can help you do this, with a simple and informal 15 minute phone call.  Nick is a licensed and registered mortgage broker as well.  He has the legal ability to pre-approve you instantly, quickly and effortlessly.

In cases where you might be challenged for capital or financing, Nick has developed plans for people to help them build credit and eventually buy real estate at a later date.  According to Nick, “People are afraid of the unknown, but when they begin to understand finances and investing, you prepare them for a lifetime of successful investing and ownership”.  Banks and Brokers do not always focus on education or planning.  They become fixated upon the transaction.  The result could be poor decisions for the consumer – something we prevent our clients from doing.  Nick reveals and implements many proven techniques to save thousands of dollars from your mortgage that your bank may not tell you about.

There are numerous programs for Buyers. People are often unaware of the ability to use your RSPs to fund a down-payment.  To be eligible you must be a first time real estate buyer in Canada.  You can withdraw up to $25,000 (interest free), but it must be repaid starting on the second year anniversary in equal installments for up to 15 years.

Clients who become buyers, get access to the full MLS, tailored automated web-alerts, and occasionally Exclusive listings (a.k.a. “pocket listing”) .  These listings are not available to the open market, and Nick always markets these opportunities to his valued clients first.

With a legal education, a real estate broker’s licence and a mortgage broker’s licence, it could be fair to say that Nick brings the value of his expertise to your relationship with him and ultimately to your transaction.  Nick is not intimidated by any part of the real estate process, and he will represent you with your best interests in mind.

Get in touch today and turn home ownership into one of the best investments you could possibly make.  Interest rates are at historic lows.


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