Alena Resic

Alena has over 12 years of customer relations experience, is trilingual, has high interpersonal
skills and a strong sense of cultural awareness, which she continues to embrace.

Starting off at a young age managing two retail stores and then transitioning to the airlines
industry as a flight attendant in 2011, has strengthened her problem solving abilities and further
advanced her resiliency to act accordingly in challenging situations and environments.

She is very goal oriented and has high moral values and always strives to do the right thing for
her clients. “Do what is right not what is easy” is a statement she lives by. Delivering
professionalism, service and efficiency at all times is very important to her.

Alena’s childhood and a part of her adolescence was spent in Europe which helped her not only
learn multiple languages but also opened her world to different cultures. She was born in
Dubrovnik on the beautiful Croatian coast, and spent most of her early years in Switzerland and

Today, she is settled in Mimico on Toronto’s developing lakefront where enjoys the city’s
panoramic views with her young son. Some of her hobbies includes reading, connecting with
people, social media, and traveling to places such as the Sahara desert.

She has traveled the world extensively before and during her career as a flight attendant and
has carried over a number of transferable skills that will assist you in making your real estate
journey not only a less stressful time but also a memorable and positive experience.

“Sales will always go up and down but great service remains forever.”
– Alena Resic

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